Friday, April 30, 2010

Drinking Age in Australia

My blog will be discussing the highly debated topic, which is increasing the drinking age from 18 to 21 within Australia. There are two articles I have read that have opposing views on this topic.

The first article, Call to lift minimum drinking age to 21 by Paul Bibby, reported that the drinking age should be increased to 21. This stated that if the government is serious about stopping the violence while under the influence of alcohol, they would double the cost of alcohol and raise the drinking age to 21. The article uses relevant facts and opinions from experts such as Professor Ross Homel, of Griffith University to make its claims.

In contrast to the first article, If we're old enough to sign up, we're old enough to drink by Terri McCredie argues the opposite opinion. This article declares that the drinking age should be kept at 18 and utilizes ethical evidence. The article states that if person can serve and defend its country, than they should be able to purchase and drinking alcohol.

Of these two articles, Bibby’s(2010) Article, which focuses on the forcing the increase drinking age is more convincing then McCredie article(2010). Bibby’s(2010) has a well structured argument that is supported by facts and research where as Terri’s article has no fact’s and is based on an ethical argument.

While I agree that Bibby’s(2010) argument is more convincing, this has not changed my opinion on the topic. I still believe that the drinking age should be kept at 18 throughout Australia. I feel that changing the drinking age will not stop adolescents from drinking or stop violence related to alcohol abuse.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I am writing in response to Darius Feaster's Blog “Real vs Fake Food: Peaches”. The blog discuss how today Polans believes today society eats fake food in comparison to whole food. Darius agrees with Polans theory and believes that is healthier for humans to whole foods.

I agree with both Darius and Polan that eating whole foods is better than eating fake or processed foods. Darius discusses how actually enjoys the taste of none processed peaches over canned but due to a lack of money and time he is forced to eat canned. Convince is the reason for society ways of eating.

Darius goes into some depth about how the canned peaches are different to the peaches his mum brought back from the market. Just like other processed foods there is a lot of sugar added. Darius briefly mentions a website that supports his arguments that canned peaches are not as healthy and picked peaches. The website that Darius choose supports his argument well but he could have used it better to support his argument.

Perparing a Banana Smoothie

When asked to prepare a meal I thought what is it I enjoy to make to for myself. In a matter of seconds I had realised the meal I enjoy the most is my banana and berry smoothie. I make this meal on a daily bases and usually this is right before I go to bed.

For the smoothie to be delicious you have to plan a few hours ahead of time. You need to cut up a banana and place it in the freezer. You also need rice milk and frozen berries. When preparing the meal you simply put these three ingredients into a blender and blend them for a few minutes.

I agree with polans statement the eating has a nobler purpose than the gratification of appetite and the sense of taste. I also agree with his statement that food should not just be eaten because it tastes good. The reason I prepare this particular meal for myself is because of diet that I personal stick to due to my athletic commitments. While I extremely enjoy the smoothie, it has no added sugar or preservatives in but three whole foods.

I am a big believer in attempting to eat whole foods over supplement or fortified foods. The following article “Healthy whole food eating-Basic” by Bethany Kulg agrees with my polans theory of eating whole foods. The article goes into depth about how you can retrieve all the vitamins and nutrients from eating a variety of whole foods. The article also demonstrates how much healthier it is to eat whole foods.

Overall I believe in the theory of eating whole foods over fortified foods or supplements and i try to live by this theory to the best of my ability while being a college student.