Monday, April 19, 2010

Perparing a Banana Smoothie

When asked to prepare a meal I thought what is it I enjoy to make to for myself. In a matter of seconds I had realised the meal I enjoy the most is my banana and berry smoothie. I make this meal on a daily bases and usually this is right before I go to bed.

For the smoothie to be delicious you have to plan a few hours ahead of time. You need to cut up a banana and place it in the freezer. You also need rice milk and frozen berries. When preparing the meal you simply put these three ingredients into a blender and blend them for a few minutes.

I agree with polans statement the eating has a nobler purpose than the gratification of appetite and the sense of taste. I also agree with his statement that food should not just be eaten because it tastes good. The reason I prepare this particular meal for myself is because of diet that I personal stick to due to my athletic commitments. While I extremely enjoy the smoothie, it has no added sugar or preservatives in but three whole foods.

I am a big believer in attempting to eat whole foods over supplement or fortified foods. The following article “Healthy whole food eating-Basic” by Bethany Kulg agrees with my polans theory of eating whole foods. The article goes into depth about how you can retrieve all the vitamins and nutrients from eating a variety of whole foods. The article also demonstrates how much healthier it is to eat whole foods.

Overall I believe in the theory of eating whole foods over fortified foods or supplements and i try to live by this theory to the best of my ability while being a college student.

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