Monday, April 19, 2010

I am writing in response to Darius Feaster's Blog “Real vs Fake Food: Peaches”. The blog discuss how today Polans believes today society eats fake food in comparison to whole food. Darius agrees with Polans theory and believes that is healthier for humans to whole foods.

I agree with both Darius and Polan that eating whole foods is better than eating fake or processed foods. Darius discusses how actually enjoys the taste of none processed peaches over canned but due to a lack of money and time he is forced to eat canned. Convince is the reason for society ways of eating.

Darius goes into some depth about how the canned peaches are different to the peaches his mum brought back from the market. Just like other processed foods there is a lot of sugar added. Darius briefly mentions a website that supports his arguments that canned peaches are not as healthy and picked peaches. The website that Darius choose supports his argument well but he could have used it better to support his argument.

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