Friday, April 30, 2010

Drinking Age in Australia

My blog will be discussing the highly debated topic, which is increasing the drinking age from 18 to 21 within Australia. There are two articles I have read that have opposing views on this topic.

The first article, Call to lift minimum drinking age to 21 by Paul Bibby, reported that the drinking age should be increased to 21. This stated that if the government is serious about stopping the violence while under the influence of alcohol, they would double the cost of alcohol and raise the drinking age to 21. The article uses relevant facts and opinions from experts such as Professor Ross Homel, of Griffith University to make its claims.

In contrast to the first article, If we're old enough to sign up, we're old enough to drink by Terri McCredie argues the opposite opinion. This article declares that the drinking age should be kept at 18 and utilizes ethical evidence. The article states that if person can serve and defend its country, than they should be able to purchase and drinking alcohol.

Of these two articles, Bibby’s(2010) Article, which focuses on the forcing the increase drinking age is more convincing then McCredie article(2010). Bibby’s(2010) has a well structured argument that is supported by facts and research where as Terri’s article has no fact’s and is based on an ethical argument.

While I agree that Bibby’s(2010) argument is more convincing, this has not changed my opinion on the topic. I still believe that the drinking age should be kept at 18 throughout Australia. I feel that changing the drinking age will not stop adolescents from drinking or stop violence related to alcohol abuse.

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